Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh Dear the second picture is NOT my husband That is Uncle Mike & Arron & Aunt Kathy with me. I couldn't see the picture when it was small and I don't know how to correct it and I am trying to find the picture of Jim & I. It may take a long while
The wedding cake was a marble cake surrounded with Ho-ho's, little debbies,twix candy bars & brownies.
I love the I do.

My husband without his tux coat on it was hot. Thats me in the long dress.

The groomsmen & Stephanie

Laura & Jason checking pictures..I would love to see them two get married.

The bridal side & my baby Justin

The bride, I sure hope my other pictures don't have her face hidden.

Man waving is the best man Jim Perl, The sun glass man is my son Jason. Good looking men..