Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Thursday, where does the time go??? My camera is still in Attica, I went to the bike blessing, In Blasdell, N.Y. There was about 2,000 motorcycles that attened. It was great but would of been better with pictures. Next year I'll get them.
I did a few things that I would of loved to have my camera near by. Planted my gardens, yeah.......
Today the mammogram and Bone dentsy scan. Those ones are easy...Have you had yours done this year?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Thursday, I planned on working outside in my garden all day but my plans have changed. I have my grandson all day.(I will probley have him until Sunday) and I have gram ma Rose to take care of tonight.
I received an E-mail a few days ago, It was a good one. It said to write IN GOD WE TRUST on all of our outgoing mail. It said that only 14% of the population don't believe in God and they are ruining it for all of us normal people. Anyway I went to put it on Across the Fence and very nice topic place on the Mary Jane farm girl site and it was not allowed. So for the first time I've have been deleted. I wasn't when I asked how people felt about Tarrot cards, but God got deleted. It just doesn't seem right.
Go and enjoy the day that God has made for us, say a prayer of thanks, and write IN GOD WE TRUST on all your out going mail. Have a great day.
Visit me next Thursday, I write a new note every Thursday...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wow these Thursday's come quickly. My DH and I went to my home in Attica. We painted the living room soft leather, it looks olive green and the buttermilk color in the kitchen looks more like milk than butter but it's done and clean. My son Jason who lives there helped last night but had to work today and won't get home before 9 tonight. I did leave a mess because he is planning on putting in a new carpet in the living room so I couldn't put things back. Oh well.
I also gave my brother a haircut and my dad a shave and a haircut. Now he looks like a Marine or Elmer Fudd. He's 87 so he doesn't care what his hair looks like.
I left my camera in Attica. Jason wants to sell his piano. I want him to keep playing it but once me masters something he's bored and moves on to other things. So he's going to sell it and wanted to put a picture of it in the paper. So this picture is of Giovanni a few months ago he was not sure which hat he wanted to wear so he wore 4 of them.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh dear I swear it wasn't there a minute ago and now there are 2.

It's Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I promised myself that I would write something every Thursday at least. I actually did write something this morning but I must of not hit Publish Post. I have been trying to get things out for good-will but I'm having a hard time saying Bye Bye to all my stuff that I plan on doing when I find the time....... I like to always put a picture with my posts...That way they may not be so boring.........I got these at the thrift store a while back. They all fit together so you only really have one dust collector instead of 5. Neat huh....

Oh, it's Thursday and I told myself every Thursday I would put something on my blog. It's raining outside I could go to the thrift but I really need to pack up some things for goodwill before I go buy more stuff. I got these on one of my trips to the thrift, I just think they are cute. They all fit one inside of the other so it really doesn't take up much space and my grandson likes to play with them when he's not playing car's...