Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is the other picture I took this morning. I have about 15. I planted them about 2 years ago. I just put them where ever I felt a flower should go. The plan is when I'm too old to garden All my perinals will come up with out any weeds. ( I can dream can't I?)
I just love spring, Not sure why I have two of the same pictures. I must of pushed the wrong button again.
Isn't this a pretty flower. It's a checkerboard design. It hangs upside down. I'm not sure what it is but I like it.
I remember planting a few a few years ago. This is the only one so far that came back. I hope they mulitply and I get a lot.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I went to the dentist for a cleaning yesterday. A lot of people hate going to the dentist. I love it. Gina the dental hygienist likes to book me on her lunch hour just so we can talk. I only see her twice a year but she has seen me through a lot and I her.
She was denied communion at her neices wedding. Everyone else was offered and they walked past her because she joined another church. She said she felt like an outcast.
I got married in at Our lady of Victory Basilica & National Shrine. Because as the told father Dan, and a lot of others priests I have faith, Everyone told me because I was married before in a church, not once but twice. That there was no way I could ever get married in a catholic church must less a National Shrine. I said I have faith I will and 3 weeks before my wedding. I was approved and was married on the alter at one of the most beautiful churches ever.
Any way Gina just makes seeing the dentist a happy experience. We talk about everything and always say a prayer for each other. I wonder how many other people are as lucky as I am to have a Gina in their life. I hope you do.

My dear hubby, who couldn't wait to get a big T.V. and my nephew who is staying with us while going to college. They both fell asleep watching the big T.V.
My grandson Giovanni and I where playing with the camera. Isn't he cute?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's still not the best picture I guess if anyone really wanted to see it I would have to say come on over. My grandson is sleeping finally. we went to the park then to Jacob's house then to McDonalds he finally fell a sleep about 3 miles from home. Now I just need my nephew to leave so I can clean the house before the baby gets up. Busy seems to be my middlle name. But I love it. (most of the time)

My husband wanted a new t.v. I don't care much about a t.v. so I said what-ever. After we got the t.v. he decided we needed a stand to put it on and he decided on buying a dresser that way we would be able to store things in the drawers. I said what-ever. He wanted me to go with him to pick one out,last night we went and I brought a beautiful $2100. peice of funiture,T.V. stand and the best part electric fireplace. all in one for the price os $900. I need batteries and the baby in another area when I learn to use the fireplace. My next picture will look better with the fire going. I just love it. But now we have less room to hide things. I better go and reread the fly lady site.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Look what I brought for myself. We got back a little money from the tax man, every year we don't have to pay in we spend the money we get back on the house. This year I got this it plays all records, C.D.'s, tapes, A.M.&F.M. and it even records on to a blank C.D. your records. I haven't figured out how yet but I just love having music in the background instead of a T.V. and if that wasn't enough I cleaned the area under and around it and put all the stuff I had laying around I didn't want to throw out but needed to get rid of (25 pens, googly eyes) stuff like that, put it all in a bag and gave it to Jaimie and told her she had to take it as her punishment for saying she would only begone for 1 to 1 1/2 hours, would I watch the baby, of course. 4 1/2 hours later she came back to get him. So I got to clean and area, enjoy my grandson and make a point the nice way to Jaimie and get rid of all my junk. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I just read Junebugs giveaway, I'm trying to follow her directions. She is having a drawing for a tea party book and if you would like to be entered you can E-mail be at her blog site That way I'll also be entered again.. This are a few of my favorite tea pots, the rest are in my other home. My Easter lilly will be given away at Easter dinner. Everyone who comes to eat gets to put their name in a bowl and then I'll draw the name after dishes are done.
I need to get on the ball, I did try for a while to post as often as I could but I found I just didn't have the time. So I'll try to post something every Thursday. Maybe this is why I never had a diary.
I hate having two homes, My roaster oven pan thing that I want to use to heat up my ham on Sunday is at my other home 30 miles away. So are all my plastic Easter eggs. We have no storage space in this home. I am blessed to have two homes, One is mine but now my son stays their, the other is my D.H. but it's our home.
I think I can fit the ham and lasagna (veggie, the girls don't eat meat.) in the oven. Potatoes and Yams on top of the stove. Salads in the fridge,Pie's on the counter, Rolls will have to go in when the ham comes out. It should work. I just wish I had more pans in this home.