Saturday, February 28, 2009

My poor DH he just wanted to see how much a camper would be, and he found out, We just purchased a camper it's either 24 or 27 feet long. It's a 2004 Pioneer pull behind. It has more storage places than our home. It has an indoor bathroom and shower(very important things for me) It has a nice kitchen & living room, and the bedroom is almost as big as our house bedroom. It has an awning,heat ,running water etc. He's now sick that he spent $10,000. on an item that we don't need. (I bet I can make a lot of trips to the thrift store before he says anything.) I said it's a luxury for sure but we will enjoy it every summer and he's worth it. ( I think)

Friday, February 27, 2009

These are a few items I got at the thrift store. The snowman canister I filled with White star streamers that I also got at the thrift store and the star card holder will go to my future daughter in law on her birthday.( I always have a bunch of gifts I picked up through the year then I wrap everything and fill a box and wrap the box for her birthday)She is really a good person. She collects stars. The 3 books will go to gramma and when she finishes reading them they will go to the little girl next door. I have had a great day thanks to me friend Nancy for making it extra special. Keep reading you'll know what I mean. I will use the dish and the picture frame will go to my friend Darlene. I hope all who is reading this will have a great day like I did!!

I have the best friends ever. Lucky me. I went to the thrift store today and picked up a few items. Not a one is in the picture on the right. I stopped at my girlfriend Nancy's house.( I love going there it smells like cinnamon and freshness all rolled up in one)Plus she's just a real nice person. Knowen by most of you as Nancy Jo. When I got there she asked me if I wanted a bag of boxes, No one would ever say no because she always has the coolest things. There are 7 wooden boxes that can be used and displayed (I think they are going next to my bed to hold my many things that are laying there) Then there is a canister, gravy dish, bowls,sugar and cream holder and what I thought was soap dishes are really nice ash trays. Those things she had in a box and told me to take the box but I couldn't look in it until I got home. I wanted to go right home but I had 3 places I needed to go to first. My last stop was Wegmans. It is pouring rain out but I planned on running in and out. $45.00 later I got out. The cool thing was they had men who would walk in and out with you while holding a umbrella over your head. They even put my groceries in the truck for me so I could stay dry and when I went to give him a tip. He said thank you but it's my job and I can't accept any tip.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Every night I have a dish of pudding, I say it's because I have no calicum glands I need milk in any way, shape or form. Then I had to see the dr. They always put you on these stupid things called a scale and I gained 9#s. in a year. Ouch, so today little G and I made sugar free jello and we cut a banana and put that in it. No chocolate face for G but he does have a red hand from reaching into the bowl with a measuring spoon and getting the little bit I left behind.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's fat Tuesday today. I should of made the bread on Monday. Today I got up an made banana nut bread. My husband will enjoy most of it as will his co-workers. Lent starts tomorrow. I usually give up chocolate, but I think this year I will take up walking around the block. Its a nice walk with just a few very little hills in the way, it will give me time to walk and talk to God. I just wish it was warmer. Hope all your days are Sunnydays.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh what a wonderful busy day I had. Went to gramma's and gave her a bath, changed the sheets, did her laundry and made up her meals for two days. My grandson is sick with a sore throat and earaches. He saw the md. this morning and is on medication so he will be fine but his mom choose to stay home with him today so I also had the better part of the day to myself. I went thrift store shopping and got 10 cute containers for laundry soap. I washed them up, filled them up, and wrapped them up for Christmas gifts next year. (please let me know if the homemade laundry will last that long) These 2 small containers will be used as little thank-you gifts (they will also have laundry soap in them). I dropped off a list of medicine my husband needs to his dr.s, picked up groceries and got it all wrapped for the freezer or just put away. picked up my pictures at wal-mart and actually put them in a beautiful book for my girlfriend. ( her getting ready to get married photos)I shortened curtains that I picked up a while ago at the thrift store. they are hem ed and ready to go to my Attica home. Made supper and now I'm finishing my own laundry,and I am so thankful that I got to visit also with two friends, and got so much done. It has been a really nice day.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spring is in the air, or at least in my living room. It's been just a week and look how nice the tulips are comming along. It looks so much better than the snow outside. I can't wait to get outside to start my gardens. Only 3 more months to go.

Dryer lint is a great fire starter. I take it and shove it in the leftover papertowel and toilet roll holders and cardboard egg cartons that don't get back to the farms. The long rolls I place a used papertowel in the ends. With the egg cartons I melt broken candles or just to short to use candles I drip the candle wax over the lint, when I use them to burn leaves or just have a small backyard fire I cut the eggs one into 12 pieces. They start a fire really nice and my grandson likes to stuff the lint into the holders.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He knows he has to clean up his messes. But when I was wiping down the floor he was at the table being ever so quiet shaking out the salt. (I hate trying to get the salt back in those little holes.)

I forgot it only takes a second for the little guys to get into things. I set the tins down and told him to help gram ma put them away. It worked well with my sons, Giovanni put the flour away but the sugar was to tempting.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I think the next time I will lay down sidewards so then the picture will be upright. I thought all I would have to do is hit a button and it would be right. Silly Me. I should know better by now. Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My beautiful future daughter-in-law gave me this flower pot for Christmas. I had a bad case of spring fever last week and I had a few bulbs that did not get planted and were rolling around in the trunk of my car. I was pleased to see two of them popped up through the dirt.
Today is cold and very windy and at 8 this morning my 78 yr. old neighbor called to see if my husband could come over to check their roof. I told them he was at work, I quickly got dressed and went over to find him up on a ladder with his little wife holding the ladder. He was lucky it was only the flashing and he did manage to nail it down. Then we noticed one single was loose but I told him to wait until the storm settled down. He agreed and ended up calling a roofer who said when the storm was over he would be back to fix it. Thank God for people who do things like that.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My dear husband is showing our grandson just how to shave. Notice my husbands beard. I guess I will have to teach them both.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I use my Domino tins for brown and XXX sugar I use the big plastic containers that my girlfriend Joanne got for me when she worked in the school cafeteria. My most handy and used a lot is my dollar tree photo albums. They are the perfect size for receipt cards. I have baking ones, cooking ones, picnic ones and I made my sons easy cooking ones when they left home. When I bake the cookies and cool them then I hope to decorate them. Does any one have a good cookie frosting receipt? I like mine plain but I plan on taking a bunch to the older folks home. The dryer is calling me.


Today I wanted to go to the thrift store but I have my grandson with me. He is pretty good but thrifting with a two year old boy is just not that much fun. We decided to stay home and bake Valentine cookies.
That got me to thinking,which at times is a good thing. I wonder what other people keep their baking items in?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Still not sure what I'm doing. I went to the thrift store this morning and only got 3 things at .49cents each. I am going to plant a pink tulip bulb in the tall flower container. I need a spring thing now. I think the blue dishes are for cooking apples. They have a small point in the bottom. If its for anything else let me know. I probley won't cook in it for a few days as were having a heat wave here. It's 40 outside. My husband and his friend are working on cars in our garage. Mine is the worst one but hopefully it will run fine when they are done. Have a great day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh dear it's backwards It starts 3 dates down. But the bread was great!!!
I cooked it with a cake. But for lunch we cut one loaf open and spread blackberrie jam on it and it was great. Hard crust on the out side. Nice white fluffy tasty on the inside. It may take hours to make but it's quick (except for the waiting) cheap, fun and very tasty.

Next flour your work area and pour batter on it. Fold flour into it (I didn't measure it) I just folded it in a few times then it said to let it rest for another hour or two. So I went and had hot cocoa with my neighbor. Then I did not follow the rest of the directions. I folded the dough a few times and placed it in 4 small bread pans then I let it sit while, until it rised again (about 1/2 hour) and cooked it at 350 for quite a while. 45 to 55 minutes.

My friend asked me for my receipt for bread. My son Jason likes my homemade bread but it never really turned out it was as thick as potatoes. Yesterday I ran across a receipt for white bread that sounded way to easy so I gave it a try. It was cheap, very very easy and good tasting. All you do is put 3 cups of all-purpose flour, 1/4 teaspoon instant yeast, 1+1/2 teaspoon salt and 1+1/2 cups of water. Just mix in a bowl cover with plastic wrap and let it rest at room. For 12 to 18 hours.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The almighty shoveler. My husband shovels snow before he goes to work and as soon as he comes home from work. We have the cleanest driveway. He also does our neighbors because this year she has to battle cancer. My husband keeps our driveway so clean every year we have the biggest snow piles that just won't melt. But thats his winter excerise and he loves it! Plus I don't have to do it. Jim is 6'3"s and thats a lot of snow.
Gramma will never think to look in here for me! We used to play hide and seek by placing our hands over or eyes, but now that he's 2 1/2 yr's old. He really finds places to hide. Our next game will be pick up everything you can before I count to 11.