Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Thursday, I planned on working outside in my garden all day but my plans have changed. I have my grandson all day.(I will probley have him until Sunday) and I have gram ma Rose to take care of tonight.
I received an E-mail a few days ago, It was a good one. It said to write IN GOD WE TRUST on all of our outgoing mail. It said that only 14% of the population don't believe in God and they are ruining it for all of us normal people. Anyway I went to put it on Across the Fence and very nice topic place on the Mary Jane farm girl site and it was not allowed. So for the first time I've have been deleted. I wasn't when I asked how people felt about Tarrot cards, but God got deleted. It just doesn't seem right.
Go and enjoy the day that God has made for us, say a prayer of thanks, and write IN GOD WE TRUST on all your out going mail. Have a great day.
Visit me next Thursday, I write a new note every Thursday...


  1. Diane,
    Yep, one of the rules on the MJ site is to avoid religion and political stuff. Too many heated exchanges and then someone ends up mad. I think if the card reading stuff got to big, they would put a stop to that too. They sometimes wait to see how it plays out.
    Nancy Jo

  2. Diane, I just wanted to come on over and say Hi! I have so enjoyed your posts on the forum and thought I'd check out your blog. Your first entry here struck a nerve for me. It is so right up my alley. It is by far my favorite topic! Nancy Jo said it perfectly regarding how MaryJane handles these kinds hot topics. People can truly get extreme and down right nasty about it. Even the sentence in your post (14% of the population doesn't believe in God and they are ruining it for all of us normal people." is so incredibly loaded! I read it and thought, "how is it ruining anything for believers and would putting In God We Trust make people more faithful and devout?" Maybe for some but I'm not sure. I suppose the other question this begs is what exactly does "believe in God" mean? And who exactly are the 'normal people?' I presume it means believing in a Christian God but what of the others who believe in God but aren't Christian? Are they non-believers? Are they not normal? To many, the answer would be a hearty, "definitely!" But you see, this kind of attitude is soulfully insulting to the millions of people the world over whose religion is far more ancient than Christianity. I can't imagine how hurt they'd feel to know that people consider their traditions, their core beliefs and way of life an abomination. So you can appreciate how we could have an enormous theological debate going on here. Are you starting to sense why MaryJane puts a stopper in these kinds of conversations? Many people are completely ill-equipped to have conversations and debate about it..heck just look at the middle east! So she wants people who would otherwise be friends not to be inflamed by these kinds of topics that can really very unintentionally hurt people's feelings.
    Now Diane, I have no problem whatsoever putting in God We Trust on mail. I believe in God. I Trust, although I have to admit it wavers a lot of the time too! I revere the teachings of Jesus and find him a most mystic and Divine teacher and guide. However, I am not a Christian. Am I ruining anything for you? Am I not normal? (don't answer that, because truth be known, I'm not!!! hahahahah) Can we not be friends? Can we not have this dialogue without someone getting their feelings hurt? I think we can be friends...I think we can celebrate God in conversation and debate and perhaps even be the better for it...but not everyone can. Please don't think for a moment that You were deleted...the topic was, but You my farmgirl sister are a delight!
    May God Bless you and Keep you! ~julia hayes


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