Thursday, June 4, 2009

We went to see tragically hip a rock band. They were playing in Ohio. I live in NY. We rented a limo with 21 other people and it took us to the house of blues in Ohio and back again. On a trip that far and most people drinking all the way a few potty breaks were needed. I just didn't think it was fair there was 6 women who went and not a one of us would go and pee on the side of the road. We had to wait another 17 miles for a rest stop. Thank God the rest stop was clean, we must of looked funny walking as fast as we could to the potty.

It was a very good concert. They are playing up here this week-end but I heard they were sold out.

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  1. ROFL..That sounds like such an awesome trip! :D
    I have to say I totally agree with you. I would probably hold out for a rest stop until my eyes felt like they were going to float away. ;)


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