Thursday, December 17, 2009

I started making these as Christmas gifts but I will have to go back to baking bread and wash-clothes to finish this years list.

My friend has a lot of really dirty glass blocks in his garage and his wife is very happy I wanted them. I got out my drill and put on the diamond tip and started to drill through the back side of the block...Easier said than done, but not bad, then I took a string of 50 multi-colored lights and slowly put each light through the hole. Then I wrapped a big red ribbon around the side and bowed it on the top and plugged it it. It makes a great night light looks cute under a tree lit up. So far everyone I gave them to claimed to really like them. I want to make at least 10 more and my friend is willing to give me more blocks but for the life of me I can not find any more lights. So I plan on baking bread and making washclothes to give out to the friends you don't want to buy gifts for but you want to let them know you want to give them something because they mean a lot to you. So look out dollar tree next year I'll buy at least 15 boxes of lights.
Do you think they are pretty???

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