Friday, April 23, 2010

I love this picture...It was taken by my 3 yr. old grandson Giovanni...The girl in the blue top will be my DIL in 54 days. She is not only beautiful she is funny & kind. She works at the VFW hospital doing paperwork stuff. She has one brother who is married and her mom & dad are really nice people as well. My son Justin has always made the correct choices in life so I am sure he will be happily married an a wonderful husband & daddy for the rest of his life. Oh she is a red head with beautiful blue eyes. She said everyone used to tell her how pretty her eyes were. Not any longer. They all say wow Justin has beautiful blue blue eyes.
Now if I am really lucky the beautiful blond in the picture will also be my DIL if my son Jason gets around to asking her, they have only been a couple for 6 months, how-ever they met in law school so they have knowen each for a few years. They are both lawyers.
I have only met her mom who was also very nice. I just love having them around.

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  1. ...awe, such a beautiful picture! Your Grandson is a budding photographer!


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