Sunday, September 13, 2009

I've been busy, This is my grandson who loves my hat thing that I use to wash hats with. He wears it every time he comes over,

My dad passed away early Friday September 4th. He was 87 and had a wonderful life, He got bladder cancer and did well with it for the first 4 months. When he found out that he only had a few more months to live his first thought was darn, I guess I will miss Justin's wedding. ( Justin is getting married on June 19th 2010.)

I was thank-ful I was with my dad when he died. He wanted to be home and he was. He had hospice which really helped my mom. The last 2 days of his life he would wake up saying It's so beautiful, It's so beautiful, I asked him if he saw anyone he said Yes he saw John Wassink, John was a longtime neighbor and family friend who died years ago. I asked him if he saw Dick Schultz a life long friend. He said No not yet, but it sounded like he was expecting to. At one time he asked my mom who the lady was that was sitting on his bed. He said she was beautiful. My dad's mom passed away when he was only 7 so we thought it may be her.

I woke up at 1am to give him his medicine and I always held his hand when I did. He squeezed my hand and I said I love you too dad. With that he took 2 more breaths and was gone.

I know on Justin's wedding day I will be sad that dad won't be their in body but I know his spirt will be.

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