Friday, March 13, 2009

Such a nice busy day. Woke up with Giovanni, fed him breakfast then took him home to his mom's who needs to wake up eariler. Then off to gram's. Did her laundry, bedding,meals then my favorite part of the day. The thrift store with Nancy. It doesn't get much better(unless I'm raiding her attic) On the right I got 2 new aprons for .99cents each. A beautiful pitcher and a hurricane lamp. I plan on that going to the patio when it's warmer. I am keeping one of the aprons but I'm giving my girlfriend Kathy one for Christmas.(we get one gift for each month and then write a note on what we did that month..I'll even tell her I only spent .99cents and she will love it. Then when we buy our last gift in Dec. we mail all 12 gifts to each other) This started 25 years ago with my friend Diane who felt sorry for me because I only got socks & undies for Christmas. She said she would never let me have another Christmas like that again. So we started buying or making a gift a month writing and wrapping the gift every month. Diane lives only 30 miles away so we will get together and exchange our gifts then. Her DH says I get more gifts then he does. With my friend Kathy who lives in Idaho I will mail her gift. Boy, do I get side tracked. When I left the Thrift I new my day would be the same old day. Laundry, dinner, cleaning ect. But I wanted to get my blog done before DH comes home. Life is good. I hope you have a Sunny day!!!!!!!!!!


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May all your days be Sunnydays