Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I just read Junebugs giveaway, I'm trying to follow her directions. She is having a drawing for a tea party book and if you would like to be entered you can E-mail be at her blog site www.countrypleasures.blogspot.com That way I'll also be entered again.. This are a few of my favorite tea pots, the rest are in my other home. My Easter lilly will be given away at Easter dinner. Everyone who comes to eat gets to put their name in a bowl and then I'll draw the name after dishes are done.


  1. Hi Diana, you got it right, I'll add your name in my giveaway twice, good luck! I love the idea of giving away a Easter Lily at Easter dinner, very nice!

  2. I like that EasteR lily I should get myself one.


May all your days be Sunnydays