Friday, February 27, 2009

I have the best friends ever. Lucky me. I went to the thrift store today and picked up a few items. Not a one is in the picture on the right. I stopped at my girlfriend Nancy's house.( I love going there it smells like cinnamon and freshness all rolled up in one)Plus she's just a real nice person. Knowen by most of you as Nancy Jo. When I got there she asked me if I wanted a bag of boxes, No one would ever say no because she always has the coolest things. There are 7 wooden boxes that can be used and displayed (I think they are going next to my bed to hold my many things that are laying there) Then there is a canister, gravy dish, bowls,sugar and cream holder and what I thought was soap dishes are really nice ash trays. Those things she had in a box and told me to take the box but I couldn't look in it until I got home. I wanted to go right home but I had 3 places I needed to go to first. My last stop was Wegmans. It is pouring rain out but I planned on running in and out. $45.00 later I got out. The cool thing was they had men who would walk in and out with you while holding a umbrella over your head. They even put my groceries in the truck for me so I could stay dry and when I went to give him a tip. He said thank you but it's my job and I can't accept any tip.

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  1. Now Diane, I'm pretty sure those are not ash trays. I think they may be for mints on an end table or dinning table. You got some nice stuff there, I like that canister. ha.


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