Thursday, February 12, 2009

My beautiful future daughter-in-law gave me this flower pot for Christmas. I had a bad case of spring fever last week and I had a few bulbs that did not get planted and were rolling around in the trunk of my car. I was pleased to see two of them popped up through the dirt.
Today is cold and very windy and at 8 this morning my 78 yr. old neighbor called to see if my husband could come over to check their roof. I told them he was at work, I quickly got dressed and went over to find him up on a ladder with his little wife holding the ladder. He was lucky it was only the flashing and he did manage to nail it down. Then we noticed one single was loose but I told him to wait until the storm settled down. He agreed and ended up calling a roofer who said when the storm was over he would be back to fix it. Thank God for people who do things like that.

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