Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh what a wonderful busy day I had. Went to gramma's and gave her a bath, changed the sheets, did her laundry and made up her meals for two days. My grandson is sick with a sore throat and earaches. He saw the md. this morning and is on medication so he will be fine but his mom choose to stay home with him today so I also had the better part of the day to myself. I went thrift store shopping and got 10 cute containers for laundry soap. I washed them up, filled them up, and wrapped them up for Christmas gifts next year. (please let me know if the homemade laundry will last that long) These 2 small containers will be used as little thank-you gifts (they will also have laundry soap in them). I dropped off a list of medicine my husband needs to his dr.s, picked up groceries and got it all wrapped for the freezer or just put away. picked up my pictures at wal-mart and actually put them in a beautiful book for my girlfriend. ( her getting ready to get married photos)I shortened curtains that I picked up a while ago at the thrift store. they are hem ed and ready to go to my Attica home. Made supper and now I'm finishing my own laundry,and I am so thankful that I got to visit also with two friends, and got so much done. It has been a really nice day.

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  1. ah, it's people like you that I admire and have such a servants heart and Im so blessed to hear you have such a positive attitude about it all.
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Im always SO happy to hear from someone new!


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