Saturday, February 28, 2009

My poor DH he just wanted to see how much a camper would be, and he found out, We just purchased a camper it's either 24 or 27 feet long. It's a 2004 Pioneer pull behind. It has more storage places than our home. It has an indoor bathroom and shower(very important things for me) It has a nice kitchen & living room, and the bedroom is almost as big as our house bedroom. It has an awning,heat ,running water etc. He's now sick that he spent $10,000. on an item that we don't need. (I bet I can make a lot of trips to the thrift store before he says anything.) I said it's a luxury for sure but we will enjoy it every summer and he's worth it. ( I think)

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  1. wow that is big news. Heather didn't tell me that one. Maybe she doesn't know yet.
    You can come take another box, site unseen whenever you want to. Might be good stuff for that new camper.


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